Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Milk - Las Vegas

So, next to Momofuku is Milk.
Milk is the brainchild of Christine Tosi, which is part of the Momofuku Restaurant group.  They already has 9 Milk locations in NYC.  Only fair that we get one out West in Vegas.
Since we just had dinner at Momofuku, I only have room in my purse to bring sweets home.  So, I got Crack Pie and Chocolate Chocolate Cookie.  

The Chocolate Chocolate Cookie (not pictured cause I ate it), is super chocolatey which is awesome for any chocoholic.  But it's not too sweet, it also has a hint of salt in there.  Not particularly rich for someone who has high tolerance of chocolate goodness.  But it is dense like an almost-brownie but still a cookie.
Here's the famous Crack Pie.  The crust is really their Oat Cookie base.  It can fall apart when you cut it.  But you can't go wrong with butter and sugar as your main ingredient on the crust.  It'll hold everything.  The filling is pretty much more butter and sugar.  How can you hate that, if even.  As simple as it sounds, it comes together beautifully.  If you want to try baking it, you can find the recipe here.  They also have other favs recipes and how to's here.

It is literally right next door to Momfuku by the walk bridge which is the 2nd floor of Cosmopolitan hotel.  While you're waiting for a seat at Momofuku, you can start looking at the dessert.  Their Milkquake which is milkshake on steroids.  So, don't stuff your face too much before coming here.  It is a walk-up setting, so no seating per se, but the hotel does have some seating for their 'lounge'/bar area.

If you don't know, Christine Tosi is one of the pioneers that does the naked cakes, where the layered cakes that are not frosted on the side.  It has totally became a trend in the wedding industry.  Not to mention her creativity in dessert is unlike any other.  Not only trend setter, also a James Beard award winner.  You know me, I like to know that they have achieve that success but at the end of the day is how it taste to me that matters.  And I'd say, it was pretty damn good.

inside Cosmopolitan Hotel
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
855-333-MILK x10

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