Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Kiran's Afternoon Tea

I've never been to tea at Kiran's at their previous location on Westheimer, but love this new space on Richmond.
Always be sure to make a reservation because it does fill up fast.
To start, we got the Boiled Marsala Chai tea with cream and brown sugar already mixed in.  It's nice, warm and sweet with a nice kick.
First plate served: from front left - English Cucumber Sandwich, Roast Beef Puff Sandwich, Mushroom & Feta Samosa (and at the bottom, they have fig chutney).  I like the Samosa, not something you get with tea often.  Also, I'm used to mango chutney, so having fig chutney was very unique.
Here we have Tandoor-Smoked Salmon with dill sandwich, then it's the English Peas with cheddar sandwich.

Personally, I LOVED the salmon sandwich, it's a very different way of doing this traditional sandwich, and the mix is very complimentary that it was delightful.  Should've gotten another slice.
Then on the left is the Mango Chicken Salad with pomegranates on top.  The chicken salad is my favorite on this plate.  This is not your traditional chicken salad, the tiny mango pieces just kick the chicken salad up a notch, this is my second favorite on the plate.

In the center is some plantain chips with fig chutney for dip.  I can eat those all day long.
Here's some dessert for the last course: this is a vanilla marshmallow parfait
Strawberry shortcake, simply delightful.
Not sure what kind of pudding this is.
Lemon bars
Cranberry cheesecake bars
Chocolate mousse cake.
Of course, tea is not complete with out scones.  This is cranberry orange scone.  After I stepped out to take the dessert pictures, my companions left me with one scone... so here this sad little scone sat.  Of course, they do have clotted cream and jam and also lemon curd.

The whole operation ran very smooth, tea refill practically by itself.  Our tea has always accompanied by a harpist, which makes you feel like you're eating yummy food in heaven.  The food comes in the right pace, and they even come by with extra should you still be hungry, which by the way, that's near impossible.  It's truly so much food.  The dessert bit was a tad disorganized, they didn't let us know that the dessert course is buffet style, so by the time our server saw us sitting there and not moving, that's when he remembered to tell us, which by that time everything was pretty much taken.  That said, again, so much food, the extra wasn't really needed.

As any tea, you should always make a reservation.  They serve on Fridays and Saturdays at 2pm, and fully expect it'll take 2 full hours.  For parking, you can valet, or you can self park at the parking garage, the restaurant is attached too.  You get 2 hours free if you dine with any of the restaurants on site, meaning, can't park there and then go to the Levy Park behind the building.  

Kiran's Houston
2925 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77098

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