Monday, June 4, 2018

Papa Yu

More poke places popping up around town, that just means more to try. 
Found this one at I-10 & Blalock in the same shopping center as Ranch 99 on I-10.
Like how the other ones operate, it depends on the size, you get that many scoops.  You can also pick and choose the different sides.
This is a regular size, if you dine in, you get a bowl of miso soup to go with it.  By the way, that's alot of food.  Anyway, for regular size that's $8.99, you get 2 scoops of protein.  

I started my bowl as a salad based, chose salmon and unagi for my protein, got cucumber and onion.  Then, for my sauce I used the house shoyu which is my standard way of testing each place.  I like theirs, very light, not overwhelming at all.  For topping, I had crispy onion, nori strips, and tobiko (caviar).  

Like I said, that's alot of food.  My little complaint is that they were quite stingy on the cucumber.  Seeing that mine is a salad, having a little bit of cucumber is nothing.  But they were like rationing it out by slice.  That's was odd.  

Papa Yu
1037 Blalock Rd
Houston, TX 77055

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