Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Grotto downtown

Another downtown eatery.  
This Grotto location is technically part of the Convention Center building.  
Got the Straw & Hay pasta, which is egg, spinach fettuccine with chicken and prosciutto, mushroom, and peas.  Of course, tons of parmesan cheese too.  I love the texture and taste.  Not a fan of peas, so had a fun time picking them out.  Wish the sauce was creamier, but over all good flavors.

We were there for dinner, and though they're not really suitable for children, and they do get their fair share, overall their hostess is poor at handling situations like that.  We had 4 children in the party, and while we don't have a reservation, the hostess was suggesting having us sit at the fire pit to accommodate everyone.  First of all, they have a reserved large table, which we all know is for last minute or VIPs.  However, this is where we fit in, last minutes.  Seeing that we have 4 children under 5, seating us by a fire pit, how does that makes sense.  Not to mention, if we sit there, with the dishes we ordered, everyone would be eating from our laps.  

They actually have more than 1 large table, and though it was in the corner, it fit us for what we needed.  Luckily, our server was pretty good, which made up for the poor hostess' bad seating job.

Grotto downtown
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Suite A
Houston, TX 77010

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