Thursday, June 28, 2018

Aqua S

Have you heard about this ice cream place from Australia?
It's in Chinatown, and has quickly become one of the most Instagrammable place in town.
Yep, there's 2 pictures right here...
This is more iconic, lots of folks and kids step right up to this one... oh wait, there's my ice cream in there...
Another one here... how classic is that?  Phones, who has those anymore?
And as Oz's does, G'day!  

So, how was the ice cream... each month they change out flavors twice a month.  They ran 1-15th and 16-30th.  Occasionally they have other random flavors that makes an appearance.  But their base flavor is Sea Salt.  

This time I got Pandan and Sea Salt with 'angel floss' aka cotton candy.  And that's the other thing, you can have cotton candy, toasted marshmallow, popcorn, or all three on top.  It will get messy, but you've been warned.  It's good, definitely different and nothing like that in town.  They do sell certain flavors in a small size, it's $5 per little pot.  Since they're rare flavors (i.e. Durian) I guess... but I do look forward to what they'll mish mash up next.

They are located in Chinatown right next to Tiger Den.

Aqua S
9889 Bellaire Blvd
D 232
Houston, TX 77032

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