Monday, July 2, 2018


Had a super craving for fried chicken that doesn't suck.  So my options are either wait 30 mins at Dak & Bop, or go to Jollibee to cure a quick craving.
Cute bee, for my drink.
Got the 2 piece ChickenJoy with fries... It can come with rice or spaghetti.  Since I can't really do huge amount of carbs, fries it is...

I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture before inhaling the chicken.  But they're just as good as I remembered them, not dry, crispy and not oily.  My only 'complaint' is that I don't need the gravy, and wish I can substitute it with something else.
As a treat, I got the Peach Mango pie, comes in like the Micky D's apple pie style, but it taste like peach jam with mango chunks.  It's very crispy and peachy, great for a quick hand-pie.

There's alot of combo with the chicken, burger and variations thereof.  Don't get too confuse, there's a little something for everyone.  

8001 S. Main St
Houston, TX 77025

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