Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Honey Art Cafe

Went to check out a new cafe.
Brand spanking new during grand opening...
Cute table decor, love the details.
Beautiful wall.  Got a green tea latte, it's a little heavy handed on the matcha, or wasn't mixed very well.
Chocolate mousse cake.  Looks great, but that stops there.  The cake was frozen, and I think they didn't anticipate grand opening, they will have tons of people, and did not defrost enough.  I basically was able to eat the bottom part of the cake, and that's about it.

The space is cute, beautiful artwork.  Seating is wide, conducive to art classes, which is part of their theme, food and art combined.  They also have a back room for reception and lecture.  Sadly, I think the grand opening weekend was too ambitious than anticipated.  I guess they didn't realized that their friends, art people, and foodie are all anxious to check them out.  An order for tea and cake (as above) took more than 30 mins.  There was not enough seating to demonstrate the art aspect of the cafe service, as a matter of fact, it was taking up a table that cannot be turned over.  They had a lector at the back talking about the progression of animation, and I recognize that they may invited a friend to do it, but the material was not enticing for folks who are slightly interested to join in.  As a matter of fact, if it's not because they have the tables in the back, the few folks sitting there would not have been there.  They cared more for their food than the lecture.  I did later see that the owners do recognize the short fall, they were short handed, grabbed friends to step in, and it was not great and they saw that.  I hope that they'll improve over time and be less disorganize.  It's a good concept and would like to see them succeed.  They already have a odd spot to begin with, it's not easy to park in their location of Shepherd & Richmond, let's hope the food and service improve to make up for it.

Honey Art Cafe
3516 Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77098

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