Monday, December 12, 2016

Kuen Noodles House

Went back to Kuen Noodle House
They have something new...
No, not the grass jelly drink, look at the photo closely....
You see an assistant chef there?  Well, I was trying to show you the Master is pulling the noodles with his mad skillz
Ordered an appetizer of the lamb, it was a tad dry, the spice is just right, just too chewy on the meat.
The stewed beef ramen.  The soup is nice and light, the beef has indeed been stewed for a while, nice, flavorful and soft.  You basically touch it with chopsticks and it falls apart.  The noodle, well, I saw him pull it while I'm sitting there, so I know it's fresh.

The service tries hard, but this is still a mom and pop shop.  They care for the front and the back, and try to run with some synchrony.  It has been smoother than last time I visited, and they seemed to notice their shortfall and try to work on them.

Don't get Kuen Noodles House mix up with Kuen Noodles Soup which is down the street.  Same technique, but different folks.

Kuen Noodles House
9140A Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036

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saiyaman said...

Wait, what..? There's only one Kuen? Do you mean Strings Noodle?