Monday, December 19, 2016

Raclette Dinner

Been seeing Raclette dinner making a come back lately.
My friend Julia found Kindli Haus.  
If you can get 8 people together, they will do a raclette dinner for you.  Each person $49 not including tax and gratuity.
Starter, we have appetizers, bread, cheese, 2 types of cold cut.  All delicious!
Light spinach salad, yummy dressing, not too empowering but gives the leaves flavors it needed.  I cleaned up the whole plate.
photo courtesy: Julie Fehl

We started with veggies, grilled veggies, teppanyaki style.   Not shown, we also have mini pork sausages, bacon, and pork tenderloin.  You mix the tenderloin with 3 types of sauces, banana curry with pineapple (interesting of sweet and spice), mustard sauce (definitely homemade and has a kick), horseradish (super yummy with the pork and everything else), and a cherry ketchup sauce.
photo courtesy: Julia Solway

It came with White Asparagus, which I don't get to have very often.  
photo courtesy: Julia Solway

The ooey gooey melted cheese on potatoes, YUMO!
video courtesy: Julia Solway

Enjoy, the cheesy goodness of the melted cheese on food.
For dessert, we have a raspberry linzer torte.  Not too heavy on a meal, yummy light buttercream to go with it.  Not too much sugar on the cream, with a not too sweet torte, together makes a great balance.

It was a neat experience, we had 8 mom friends to do this, 2 of which have had raclette before, so they were able to be ringers for the rest of us newbies.  The place is small, which is usually when they do their pastry sell on Saturdays, but was able to squeeze in the table for us.  Super cute decor.  Parking is not exactly easy, but this is a fun experience that we don't usually get in Houston.  Definitely worth a try if you can get 8 people to go.  Don't forget it's BYOB, we each brought a few bottles of wine and sodas, and only have to take one home, so I call it a success.  Good friends, good food, isn't that what every holidays should have?!

Kindli House
4525 N. Main Street
Houston, TX 77009

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