Wednesday, December 14, 2016

House of Bowls

Went back to House of Bowls for lunch.
On weekend, you're really trying your luck at any given prime meal time.  Some weird reason, big parties gets seated first because they have big tables open, and yet for one or two diners have to wait a bit.  Go figure.
Got a mix of coffee & milk tea.  It can stand to add a bit of sweetener which is usually sugar syrup.
For appetizer, I got the fish cake shaped like little balls.... short name: fish balls.  
Was in the mood of Chinese Sausage fried rice.  That is dried sausage, seasoned, smoked and hung dry sausage, usually pack in the taste and calories.  It is usually salty already, so you do a fried rice, not much more soy sauce or salt is needed.
Got the stir fried Yi Mein again.  Just nostalgic for comfort food, true to Hong Kong and that region.  I grew up eating that, literally every weekend.  There's this restaurant that my dad likes to go every weekend, which was across from my school.  It was tiny, but they have a loft/second floor, with a few tables, and he would order this dish, and I would sit there and finish it.  Food just doing what food does, bring good taste and good memory.

House of Bowls
6650 Corporate Dr
Houston, TX 77036

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