Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Outback Steakhouse

Per my mom's request, she wanted to go to Outback, since she hasn't been for many years.
I, myself, haven't been back for many years either.  There's just too many good places in town that I can easily get to.
I liked our drink server, Lucky.  He was friendly, personable and attentive, all characteristic a server should have.  He brought us our warm bread, yum!
Oh, Bloomin' Onion, how I missed thee.  It is like crack, I can sit there and eat the whole thing by myself.  Too good. 
Good thing I filled myself up with the onion.  This salad, they offer to put the dressing on the side and this is what I got.  How appetizing... not!  I didn't know if it's sludge or mud or what is it.  The steak was decent, the salad ... well, it's a salad.  So I tried to dip it, it tasted good, but cannot imagine pouring that on food.  I just gave up, and had meat and salad instead.  

Lunch hour on a weekend is actually very tamed here.  So much so that the server is also the hostess, also the bartender, and be on the phone too.  Like I said, we liked our first server, he was good.  It's a slow day, guess I shouldn't be so picky.

Outback Steakhouse
8731 W. Loop S.
Houston, TX 77096

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