Monday, May 8, 2017

Sonoma Wine Bar

Met up with the Mom friends for a much needed Happy Hour.
This time we gathered at Sonoma, last time I was here was then they first opened.  That's been quite some time.
Got the popcorn, I saw that they have parmesan figured give that a shot.  Turns out, they just put parmesan shaving on top, the popcorn wasn't warm enough to melt any of it.  So you're essentially grabbing a handful of cheese and popcorn, as opposed to popcorn that has cheese already melted on.
The baked brie with honey was a good dish to get.  The honey is melty with the cheesy gooey on top of a cracker, and a bit of the fig jam, it's a delight.  Definitely recommend this.
Yummy artichoke dip, basically you cannot mess this one up.  It's good for what it is, a sip of wine, a bite of dip.  I will say that I was surprised to see kale and bell pepper in there, but it wasn't bad at all.
Lastly, we shared a dish of the meatballs, have to have some protein and call it a meal.  It's not bad, the sauce is great for the bread soaking.  And it does fill you up with the cheese.  This is a mix of beef and pork and kale.  (Man, they're very into kale for some reason)  But I appreciate the melted mozzarella more than anything for sure.

Sadly, this is also a not-so-great Happy Hour experience.  Even though our table is next to the bar, we weren't really attended to when the bar started to get busy and the tables started to fill.  We were essentially in no man's land.  The servers all thought our table is someone else's.  We ordered wine and food and at one point they just didn't remember it.  I ordered Moscato by the glass and basically by the 3rd glass I was informed that that was the last one that they had.  Hmm... And forget trying to get our check, that took just as long.  The only person that attended to us well was the person that was filling our water.  Sigh.

You can park in front, and during Happy Hour, you can park next door at the home decor's parking lot, since they're closed.  They do have tables out front to enjoy the weather, couldn't hurt to get there early either way.

Sonoma Wine Bar
2720 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77098

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