Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Yokushi Robata

Heard about a new Japanese place, as it turns out, it is owned by the same folks that runs Sushi Wabi.  
That's super convenient, since they're right down the strip center.  This is more Izakaya style, bar with snacks... so most all the food is in tapas style.
First up, fries.... cute looking, eh?
They are actually purple yam fries.  Basically sweet potato fries, but with some texture to it.
This is eel skewers, very filling, especially with all the sweet eel sauce.
Here's the pork belly.  Very filling, and nicely marinated, by the time they put the accouterment on top, it came together nicely.
Chicken skin, sounded good, as I also have experience with them but this robata version wasn't worth writing about.
Scallop skewers, they're actually much smaller than I expected or from the picture.... hmm.
Bacon wrapped asparagus... of course, bacon wrapped anything can't go wrong.
This is an off menu item, it's onigiri (rice ball) with salmon inside and fried.  So, lesson learned here, it looked good on paper, but not really in actuality.  The rice fried is stickier than usual, and as the outer shell formed, it is hard to bite into it without all the food sticking to you.  So, execution was difficult.  I just ended up opening up the ball and ate the salmon.

Overall, this is a neat experience, they make it super easy to order the skewers one kind at a time, so you can try a variety of food.  Now mind you, they do come in small doses, so you ended up ordering more than your tummy can fit because in your mind, you think they're small portion but they do add up.  

The menu also has ramen, rice, poke bowl and curry rice, which is what I'm coming back for.  Let's just say with that variety, there's something for everyone, you won't go hungry.  They don't have any special for Happy Hour like Sushi Wabi, but heck, the entire place is a happy hour bar... prices aren't bad, you just need to make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach is all.

Yokushi Robata
3837 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77027

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