Monday, May 15, 2017


Went back to Yauatcha for Mother's Day.
I was smart and made reservation on Open Table far in advance.  As a matter of fact, overheard the hostess trying to help someone but they were fully booked.
Got the Grape Cha again, it was very delicious and refreshing last time... 
... and this time too.  I just love how pretty it is.
 Got the Venison Puff again.  This time the venison is more like a stew consistency than the last time, which last time reminded me greatly of pork.  That said, the shell is still very well made and delicious.
 And also repeat encore for the beancurd and prawn rice noodle.  It is very much like the fried Chinese donut wrapped in rice noodle, but the beancurd skin fried stuffed with shrimp inside and then they wrap the rice noodle over it.  Very good, not a tad soggy.
 Here's the XO Scallop Dumpling.  I like the skin of these dumpling, like glass you can see thru the filling... of course not literally.  The sauce has a tad of spice to it, from the XO sauce.  The inside are all chopped up with scallop and veggie.  Nice and steamy.
 Got the Shanghai Soup Dumpling, and they brought us side dishes too.  Don't remember those last time, but the little green one was house made pickle.  The soup dumpling is pretty meaty.  It has yummy soup inside.
 Three mushroom and hand pulled noodles.  It's very well done, so much so that the table next to us were asking what it was and ordered it.  It has heat from the wok for sure.  And while I didn't count the mushroom, you can taste it, and along with scallion, sprout, it was very nice as a top off.
For Dessert, I got the Raspberry Delice, it is a chocolate mousse cake with raspberry shell on the outside.  It's nice, the raspberry shell gives the chocolate mousse a little zing and you grab a bit of the ice cream for balance.  The ice cream is lychee flavor, and it tasted more fresh than I had expected.  Now granted, I don't get a lot of lychee flavored anything.  Not for any reason, just not widely available wherever I go...

This time the service is not as top notch as the first time.  After we had sat down, we waited good 5-8 mins before we got someone's attention to give us a menu and water.  That's very unusual, plus it was not busy yet.  You see staff available, so we were quite confused about that.  Once we placed our order, food started to come and that worked out much better after that.

5045 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77056

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