Monday, May 22, 2017

Ramen Jinya

Went to have a meeting at Ramen Jinya.
Since it was Ramen themed meeting, it's only appropriate.  Now, granted the place is really not good for more than say 6 people to converse because the place just not conducive for that.  But the place is so centrally located and the food is good, why not.
We shared the brussel sprouts.  Seriously, had we have those growing up, I'd eat more of it.  They are tempura-ed and it's nice and crunchy.  Having truffle oil on top of it helped too, luckily not drenching in it, but definitely helped boost the taste buds.
Ahh.... the bowl I'm here for...
I got the Cha Cha Cha, actually, this is the first time of me getting this.  This is more garlic friendly.  The broth is lighter than the pork broth, per the menu it's a pork and fish broth.  They give you a full egg, which I love, and not many places do.  They have chopped onion, green onion, bean sprout and cha siu.  I ordered extra cha siu since I always felt like not enough meat.  That said, I really need just one more slice but an order comes with 2, then I'll take it!

Their service, despite however busy they are, still keep up with the crowd.  We were at no point neglected.  They come and check on us, make sure our food gets there together.  We don't feel rush even though I know they're dying to turn the table over for more people to be seated, mind you, we were there on a Monday night and they're pretty busy.  Go early, right before dinner prime time, and you'll be able to get seated reasonably.

Ramen Jinya
3201 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77002

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