Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I was just at Akashi back in March, thought let's grab a quick lunch...
Again, during lunch in the middle of Saturday at a very busy shopping center, there was two other tables there.
Since it's Happy Hour all day long, figured try something else... got the Veggie Tempura ($4), which is nothing like the Vegetable Tempura at a normal Japanese restaurants.  They were battering up bamboo and frying them, that's all kinds of wrong, because the canned bamboo has a lot of water, which all comes out funny.  Don't get it and don't waste your calories on this.
Let's see the sushi... I got salmon, tuna, yellowtail and unagi.  The Happy Hour special is $1.95 per piece.  The Unagi and the Yellowtail are good, but if I were blindfolded and tasted the salmon and tuna, I couldn't tell the difference because they both have no taste.  Sigh...
Chop Chop Roll was a redemption for the meal.  It has crab meat in the middle, has spicy tuna and salmon on top, topped with tempura flakes and eel sweet sauce, which pour on anything tastes good.    You do get the decent taste from here, probably from the spices, otherwise, wouldn't have taste.  Overall, this was the best dish.

Service wasn't an issue, since there were not many people there.  I'm thinking they should really bill themselves as Chinese restaurant than Japanese fusion.  First of all, their Chinese food is definitely better than the Japanese dishes.  And let's face it, if you're good at that one thing, just stick with it.  Can't believe they have 7 locations in the metroplex.  Granted, those locations are not in areas where Japanese food is a rarity. 

8216 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77054

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