Thursday, September 21, 2017

85C Bakery

Heard a lot of hub bub about 85 Degrees bakery.
Since there were no lines out the door, we decided to be nosy and went to check them out.
First of all, not all display cases are fully stocked.  
Second, they have a lot of unusual bread combos: such as squid ink roll or tuna danish or taro danish.
Cake display: most of the cakes we've seen are about $3-5 per piece, depends on how fancy it is.  A whole cake it seems to be between $25-38.
We got a tray full of goodies.  Chocolate chip bread?  Yes please.  Almond danish, red bean bread, and piggy in blanket.  They have staff that wrap these for you individually.  So fancy.
The other thing they sell a lot was bubble tea.  They do make it right away, and they have a full bar just for making drinks.  But there were too many people for me to see how this was made, if it was powder or not. 

That said, if you're only here for the drinks or cakes, you can by pass the line that takes you around the bread displays.  And everytime they have bread coming out of the kitchen, they would all yell fresh bread.  But, you don't know what they're rolling out as the bread comes out in rotation, and the strange thing is that it comes out a few at a time.  I'm sure as they make the bread, it comes out as a tray, not as a few.  That was a head-scratcher for me.

Overall, some of the bread here are unique, not something you see everyday, and that's their schtick.  The common ones, they charge more than Chinatown's bakeries.  So, for me it's an experience.  If I happen to be by one, I won't avoid it, but I won't be making a special trip there either.

85C Bakery
1027 Blalock Rd
Houston, TX 77055

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