Thursday, September 14, 2017


Desparate for some quite lunch, so ran back to Ozaka.
For starter, you get a salad and a miso soup for ordering a bento box.  It's creamy salad dressing, this round was a tad watery, but you get the taste.
For the bento box, I didn't realize my eyes was bigger than my stomach.  Always forget the free starters that they give you.  Anyway, in here, there are: chicken skewer with rice, shrimp & veggie tempura, 2 pieces of fried dumpling, salmon sashimi, and shumai.  Like I said, that was a lot of food.
Oh yeah, and they give you dessert.  It was yummy, but have to roll me out of there...

I like Ozaka not because they have the freshest, cheapest or the tastiest, but the neighborhood feel you have.  If you have a group, they try to please you, if you want to dine alone, they give you your space.  If you want to talk to the sushi chef at the counter, they don't mind entertaining you in a conversation or two.  It's just the relax atmosphere that you get when you walk in.

4001J Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77025

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