Thursday, September 7, 2017

Yong Kang Street

One of the perks of working in the mall is that there are as much bad food, as there are good.  It's the magical place called the Food Court. 
New Place called Yong Kang Street.  It's named after a street that has cafe and restaurant in Taiwan, which caters to all budgets and taste.

From the look of it, I do believe they are of the same franchise that has location in Las Vegas (inside Paris Hotel) and in New York.
Needless to say, here, for reference, it's Chinese food.  They do offer dim sum, dumplings and noodles.  

I got the beef udon stir fry.  It is a lot of food, this plate is full of food.  I will say, for my taste, it is a bit greasier than I like, but the flavor came out good, and it has a lot of what we call Wok Chi, where you can taste the heat from the wok.  I think given it's in the mall food court, it's as good as one can expect.  That said, it draws a lot of people, as there's a line everyday during lunch.  I just wish their lay out is a bit friendlier than having people line up out of the little seating area.

Yong Kang Street
5015 Westheimer Rd
Ste A1300
Houston, TX 77056

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