Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elevation Burger

The long awaited opening of Elevation Burger in Houston is finally here.  They occupied the former Mai Thai's spot on Kirby & 59.  That building was old and dilapidated, and that's probably why it took so long for EB to get it up and running. 
Nice and shiny!  It has a great space inside.
Everything nice, new and shiny.  Don't let the outside fool you, it is quite spacious inside.
I ordered the Coffee Shake, they can make malt too.  The only flavors they have for ice cream is chocolate, vanilla, and coffee.  But you can add syrup, banana, Oreo cookies, and other fruits.  You can turn it into a malt as well.
We had the Elevation Burger (on the left), and a kid burger (in the middle) and fries.  The normal Elevation burger has 2 patties in it.  The Kid's burger has one patty.  You can add cheese, bacon, mushroom, and all sorts of toppings too.  

They pride themselves on their fries is fried in olive oil.  While they're not the only one that does this, Smashburger has been doing that for quite some time.  It helps to have more options out there.  

EB also pride themselves for using grass-fed, free range beef.  Personally, I can't tell the difference one from the other.  But I do know that it's more healthy of an option.  As to the lettuce opposed to buns, they are very gluten free friendly.  You don't have to have buns if you don't want to.  It does get more messy as you eat, since there's more juice flowing than buns which absorbs, but it's nice to have that option.  Most places just give you the beef patti when you request without buns, so this is a nice upgrade.

I hope they open another location somewhere else.  This is a great location, but parking is a huge challenge.  The parking lot to the original building was limited to begin with.  They added a drive thru to the building, which was not there before.  The other thing is that you're fighting for parking with Taco Cabana (next building), Cafe Japon (behind Cabana), Twin Peaks (behind Japon), and Haven (behind EB).  If it's a game day, you're screwed.  I encourage you park the next street over, walk a little never harm anyone.

Elevation Burger
3819 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 

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