Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I had heard about the soft opening of Bosta, and unbeknownst to me, my beautician is the wife of one of the chefs, so I definitely had to try them out.
As you can see, they are open from 7am to Midnight, perfect for the breakfast coffee to the wine-os.  
You can see the better version of their menu here.  As you can see they serve breakfast, coffee, tea, and other morning approved beverages...
Come back for lunch or dinner, they have paninis, cheese and meat plates, and finger food that are meant to be shared over several glasses of wine.
You have bar seating to catch the game or table seatings as well.
It started to get hot, so a cold cafe au lait and a peach danish.  It's pretty good, for a hot summer day.

I love the parking there, it's at the garage of the apartment building, but they made sure they have ample parking for the retail space too.  Right now, of course, it's only Bosta, and I saw the other spaces have already been leased.  But, when you go, and you want to do a quick grab for grub, this is perfect.  I have to go back and try their cheese and meat plate!

1801 Binz (before Alameda)
Suite 130
Houston, TX 77004

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