Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Partners In Paleo

We were near League City, and decided to visit Partners in Paleo.
If you're part of the Paleo movement, it would delight you to hear someone is cooking with all fresh ingredients from nearby farms and they use every bit of the animal to make broth and such.  While that is not to say the other restaurants food aren't fresh, but this brings the true sense of farm to table when the owner knows exactly which farm brought what and she cooked what with it.  
This is their Ratatouille with sausage, the sides were Sweet Potato Curls and Fried Cabbage.  First of all, the ratatouille was more like a gumbo to me.  If they served rice, which they wouldn't because that is not Paleo, but if they did, that would've gone nicely with it.  The dish was more soup than a dry dish that I've come to know.   The sweet potato curls were delicious just because I'm a sweet potato person.  The fried cabbage wasn't really fried that you and I come to know.  It's a bit more soggy than fried fried.

That said, the dishes aren't what you expect overall, and I can see for some people either they love it or they don't.  There's no in between.  Sadly, I have also heard the comment that they can do better at home, and in alot of the cases, I have to agree.  If you go in, not thinking that this is Paleo, but instead think that this is a mom and pop neighborhood place, than it is that.  If you're thinking it's some specialty joint, this is not.  It's nice to know there are options in this great big metroplex of ours.  Will this trend continues, hopefully this will teach people to eat cleaner and better.  Will this place survive remains to be seen.  

Partners in Paleo
109B Meadow Parkway
League City, TX 77573

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