Thursday, June 26, 2014

Miso Yummy

I ran into Miso Yummy, and been meaning to try them out.
I asked for recommendation, and they told me that basically the 1st item listed in every category is their best seller.  So, that's my tip to you.
I got the Kimchi Ramen.  They are very generous with their fried chicken.  Luckily they are not dry at all.  There's veggie, egg, jalapeno, and of course noodles at the bottom.
Since I took it to-go, they didn't want the fried chicken gets soggy.  So they gave me the Kimchi soup separately.
Mix it all together you get: ta da!  Kimchi Ramen.  I will say this, because I didn't mix it all up until I was ready to eat it, all the ingredients haven't had time to soak in the soup to make it super spicy.  And I like it mild like that.  The noodle is not the packaged type, but it is a store bought egg noodle.  Not super chewy, but definitely works well with the soup.  The veggie, egg, and chicken are fresh, and I definitely appreciate that.

As I mentioned, they told me the first item in each of their categories is their best seller.  Sadly, I wasn't hungry enough to get more.  I think I need back up to help me sample that.  So, next time I can look forward to the Slaw-P Dog, Seaweed Crunch Sushi Roll, Hot Mama Fries, and of course their version of Tonkotsu Ramen.

Miso Yummy
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