Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dolce Delight

For an afternoon break, Mom and I went to Dolce Delight.  It has been a while for me, so it was nice to go back and chill out.
This is my 'artistic' shot.  LOL.
This is the Banana Chocolate Mousse cake.  It's very cool, you cut into it, the outer shell of chocolate is not hard, and it's not super sweet at all.  But it's just right in the balance of cake to chocolate and banana ratio.  So, it's not super sugary as you may find at the grocery bakery.  It has a layer of cake, some light chocolate mousse, and roasted banana, covered with a layer of chocolate on top.

We also had the Lavender Lemonade (not pictured), it's actually very refreshing for a hot summer day.  Stop by and grab one.  Of course, drool over their beautiful cakes and macarons too, but definitely as good in taste as they look.

Dolce Delight
3201 Louisiana
Ste 100
Houston, TX 77006

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