Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Been meaning to try out Coltivare, since I don't hang out in the Heights as much as I used to, making it across town was a task.  But I'm glad I did.
Been hearing alot of great things about this place.  How it's started by the folks that runs Revival Markets, which means the food would be good and the ingredients will be fresh.
Lunch time on a Saturday proves to be an easier in than the dinner prime time.  In terms of parking and getting a seat.  Although, my friend arrived before I did, and the hostess was making her wait for the entire party to arrive before seating, when the entire place, just opened, was full of empty tables.  Luckily, the manager saw and seated my friend right away.  But that was a bit weird.
It was early enough where the heat hasn't quite set in.  So we sat outside.  This is our view of the garden.  You can tell they do really come out here and grab what they need for the kitchen.  We were seated by the raspberries and tomatoes.  I saw other herbs on the wall too.  The bartender came out and grabbed what she needed for the drinks she was making, that's very convenient. 
This is the grilled broccoli, pickled kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, green onion sprinkled with bits of walnut and with balsamic dressing.  What I love about this is that the pickled kohlrabi is not over empowering the rest of the veggie.  I have never had kohlrabi before and to my surprised, it's pretty good and wonder why it is not served more frequently.  The balsamic matched the other veggies delightfully, goes down easy.
Since it was brunch time, we split a Bacon & Egg pizza.  Obviously, you see the egg, there's slices of bacon underneath, and underneath that are slices of potatoes.  Sidebar, if you want to make this a gluten free pizza, they do have that option for a little bit more.
For dessert, we split the strawberry crostata, which is more like a rugged open faced strawberry pie which has whipped cream on top, but it sounded better if it goes with a side of the vanilla gelato.  Which by the way, gelato flavors changes daily, so you have to ask what they are serving that day.  The crostata unfortunately does not come in gluten free, but it is super delicious, especially when you mix the ice cream with the warm crostata and the warm strawberries.  It is yummy goodness all over.

I highly recommend you to check out Coltivare if you haven't already.  Parking is best on the streets, but please do watch the signs.  Because there are couple other stores near by, be courteous and park in the designated area.  They do not take reservation, and they do not do parties more than 6.  But they do have Mexican Coke, and the garden is delightful.  The food is definitely worth the hassle.  Do what we do, pick early brunch or non-prime time to go, then you can avoid the wait.

Coltivare Houston
3320 White Oak Dr.
Houston, TX 77007

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