Thursday, November 10, 2016


Went back to HMart, not for grocery, though I can use some of those import coffee that has a cute packaging.  I came back for lunch.
I was there for bibimbap, but ended up with bulgogi rice.  So, decided to try out Bibijo in the side.  I'm basically eating my way down the each of the food stall there.  

Sadly, the bulgogi wasn't marinated with the spicier sauce.  As a matter of fact, the upper right corner's sauce is for the spice.  The meat didn't have the 'heat' to it at all.  It's pretty much mildly marinated meat, rice, turnip, carrot, cucumber, and sprout.  Of course, it was accompanied by miso soup.  It was kinda disappointing because my taste buds were ready for something with a 'kick'.  It's ok, next time go back to ask for more clarification.  And they were right, don't touch the bowl!  It's a stone bowl, keep heat very well, so well that the rice at the bottom get stuck to it.

inside H-Mart
1302 Blalock Rd
Houston, TX 77055

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