Monday, November 7, 2016

The Dough Cone

So while running errand saw a new ice cream truck...
What is a dough Cone?  Well, the side said something about Nutella, you already got me there.
The owner is super nice and was telling me all about the cone.  Though it is doughnut type base (think Turkish doughnut) shaped like cone, it is baked not fried.  And the outside has cinnamon sugar to help give it a crunch.  The cone is not thick like a donut, just thicker than a normal waffle cone you're accustomed to.

Their ice cream, unlike the soft serve that is made from powder, theirs is really made from milk, vanilla bean, and sugar.  When you order a cone, he will first put an organic strawberry at the bottom of the cone to serve as a stopper.  Then, fill the cone with Nutella inside, yum!  Then pour on the ice cream.  It is really pure ice cream, you do taste the difference from say froyo.  Then, you get to put unlimited amount of topping and they are all from Whole Foods.  They have sprinkles (that, I'm not sure WFM sells), sliced almond, nuts, dried fruit.
So, I got sliced almond on top, it's less 'messy' as compare to the other options.  And he's nice enough to give me a color changing spoon too 'help'.  
So how does it taste?  Well, the ice cream is definitely more premium than say what you get from Baskin Robbins.  It's not quite gourmet like Cloud10, but the ingredients are as simple as it gets.  The owner was saying that his family runs an organic food business, so to him pure ingredients are very important.  He does get his stuff from Whole Foods, and he does read the labels to make sure they are good before putting it on the truck.  

Price point of $6.99 a cone seems a tad high, but seeing that he uses premium on the ingredients you'd understand the price point.  Kind of make me feel better paying that price.  If we were to go to Picugo  or Amorino for that size it would've been about the same price-wise.  I like to support local and small businesses, so definitely will come back to support.

Interesting tidbit, this truck was formerly Monster PBJ.  Yes kids, sadly Monster PBJ is off the market, as they focus on working on some retail aspect of their business, but have no fear, truck is going to to go use.

The Dough Cone
parked at Rice Village on Times & Kelvin (in front of formerly JoAnn's Clothing)

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