Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Han Kook Kwan Korean Restaurant

Just trying a new place in Bellaire.
They are located at the old Bodard location. 
Inside, looks so different.  They have private booths and also big tables to accommodate big parties.
Seafood pancake. It has eggs, flour, scallion, octopus bits, shrimp, oyster bits.
Bulgogi pork, I love it, it is spicy but not too much.  It also have heat which is from the pan.
This is beef fried rice with an egg on top.  Traditionally, they crack an egg on top because the food is so hot that it'll cook it when you mix the hot food.  This one is all cooked.
Of course, the best part of Korean meal is the side dishes... I should've counted those food in my ordering....  We have potato salad, fish paste slices, kimchi-ed potato, and a grilled fish.
Plain veggie, kim chi picked cucumber.
Regular kimchi, and sprout for some balance.

The whole meal is on the higher end, but it it was worth it.  The staff is new, but they want to help.  They deliver everything on a little cart and even box your food in the little cart too.  If you want anything you just ring a bell at your table,  it'll ring a bell at the server station and get their attention.  

What I didn't get to take a photo of was the salad bar.  It was out of place for me, but they have a full bar.  Spinach, mushroom, sliced cucumber and all.  

Han Kook Kwan
Korean Restaurant
9140 Bellaire Blvd
Ste B
Houston, TX 77036

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