Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Been eyeing on the Japanese restaurant in BLVD for a long time, and its finally here.
Their website and the actual space is vastly different, so it does make me question about the food too.
Met up with a couple of friends for lunch.  If you go early, it's easier to get a table as it does fill up quickly.  I got the bento, and it is kinda like pick from column A and pick from column B to comprise your bento.

What I have here?  (clockwise) Top left corner: sashimi which had tuna, salmon and yellowtail, nice size and pretty decent size.   Some seaweed salad to go with the fried pork chop.  Nice orange for after your meal, California Roll, and a fried wonton.  Altogether, it is very filling as far as lunch goes.

My issue is that they had 2 server, one bartender, 4 sushi chef, one hostess, and one manager.  Our server was running all around, so much so that he worked up a sweat, really dripping down his face.  Poor guy.  His manager wasn't doing much to help.  However, the bartender stepped in and help with taking order and delivering food.  The service seems to be very disorganized, for instance, I ordered an iced tea, which I didn't get until after I'm done with my meal.  My friend added to her order, we truly waited for 15 mins because it's an add-on and it is outside of the menu.  To me, those are kinks that should've worked out by now.

I did get to check out the bar, which is very impressive and of course the place is very modern decor.  But take a look at the private room, you're stretching your head because they use fluorescent light in there.  I looked at Yelp before heading out, and was curious why every one gave the place such high ratings.  The fish is good but not supremely fresh.  Service is subpar and the decor doesn't feed you.  So, not quite sure about the hype.

Sozo Sushi Restaurant
1700 Post Oak Blvd
Ste 250
Houston, TX 77056

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