Monday, November 21, 2016


Was at Asahi after an afternoon of shopping.  Weekend are happy hour all day long!
Pretty and simple decor.
Vegetable Tempura, lots of food, 6 big pieces.
Gyoza, they do pan fry them.  Not too shabby.
Agedashi Tofu, really wish they soak the tofu in the ponzu sauce.  It was actually too dry.
Salmon sashimi, there's actually 6 pieces.  

Yeah, I basically did tapas style for all of them.  Since it was happy hour, all of the appetizer dishes are $3 with the exception of sashimi, which was $6.  Service was good, food is decent, and price is right.  In a pinch, stop by.

Asahi Sushi
8236 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77054

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