Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tokyo Treats - Snack box

I'm totally a junk food junkie.  And the land of junk food is really Japan.  They come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, new and traditional.  Talk about crazy.
 I got a discount code for TokyoTreats and as usual, curiosity just gets me.  So had to order one to try.  So I got the premium box, which cost $34.99.  Like I said, I got a discount code, that made it easier to swallow.  If not, they have Small Box for $14.99 (comes with 5-7 full sized items), Medium box for $24.99 (comes with 10-12 full sized items and one DIY candy), and of course Premium which comes with 16-18 full sized items, 1 DIY candy, 1 toy and 1 drink, shipping is included.  And in case you don't know what you're looking at, like a lot of us do.  They include their own zine that describe what came into the box, what was featured, how to make your DIY candy, some fun cute Japanese toys/snack, a feature of a Japanese tourist spot and its specialty, and of course feature of folks who got their box.

So what did I get?  Let's see.  Top row: Calbee Sewed & Salt Chips (grew up w/ Calbee & love their products), Baked Limited Edition Sweet Potato Flavor (it's a chocolate snack).  The Heart Shaped is a palmier cookie, and a DIY candy, that is fruit and veggie themed, and you make gummy out of the mode provided.  
Second row: (sideway) Kinako Stick which is a semi-soft chew candy covered with roasted soybean flour.  Next to it is Mayotara (as the name suggested, it has something to do with mayo) it is taro fish snack (think jerky) and you add mayo on top of it (not sure about that just yet).
Third row: Pocky sticks which I love already, but this is soft milk flavor, the circles are Ramune (think soda) but it double as a whistle too, the little box in the package is a toy.  Then it's Umaitama which is like a cream puff but with chocolate inside.  Then next to it (in similar package) is Sweet Potato Yokan (from what I read, it jelly consistency - again, not too sure about that).  Then at the end in a big package is Caramel Corn but Apple Pie Flavor, perfect for fall!
Fourth row: The orange box is Milk Caramel, apparently been around since 1913.  Then next to it is semi-hard orange gummy.  The can with a peach on top is peach juice in a can (they were not kidding when they say it brings intense flavor.  It was a tad intense for me).  The sideway sticks is chocolate pie bar (tasted much like a chocolate cookie but in a bar shape), and the triangle with a circle in the middle is a Japanese Rice Ball keychain.

So, it came with 16 things and a zine introducing all of them with brief description.  It is a fun little present.  They have a sister site called Yumi Twins that sell only toys.  So, no need to go to Japan, bring Japan to you in a box.

Tokyo Treats

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