Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Little Liberty

Late lunch on the weekend, went back to Little Liberty.
I like going off peak time, always able to find parking.
Got me an Arnold Palmer, yum!
Got the Fried Chicken Slider, of course with the Buttermilk biscuit.  YUMMO.  There's of course fried chicken, which is never greasy.  Their house made pickle, and little mayo.  It was relish and hit the spot.  Of course, I can never finish the fries, so much food.  Delicious but lots of it.

The only thing about going off time is the servers never knew if that's their table or not because it's between shifts.  We had the hostess took and got our drink order, the manager took the order and another server deliver them.  So, there was a bit of confusion.  Another confuse thing I was curious about was they seated a party of 5 at the booths (4 adults and 1 highchair).  If you've been there, the booths are raised and the high chair is not.  So, basically, one parent is eating and feeding their child like a puppy and the kid is never part of the conversation.  That was just weird to me, especially there are tons of tables available.

Little Liberty
2365A Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

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