Monday, June 6, 2016

Giacomo's Cibo e Vino

A bunch of mom's and I decided to meet up sans kids.  We were ready for a break and this was the perfect spot.
 I've driven past here for years, but finally got an opportunity to try them out.  I was thinking of a casual Italian, which seems to be popular with everyone.  Turns out it was a good choice!

For starters, we ordered a bunch of the small plates like tapas, and then talk and eat as we go.
 This was the lamb meatballs, which we all agreed this was the best tasting thing at the table.
 This, you cannot see very well, but it's Ratatouille with egg and cheese on top, this is a warm dish.
 Not very well photographed, but this is a chicken skewer with zucchini and onion, and you can dip into the green goddess sauce with yogurt.  Chicken was moist but the sauce was not my thing.
 This was shrimp with hot pepper sauce has garlic and olive oil.  Not bad at all.
 Since we tapas-ed so much stuff, we decided to order a small plate of pasta.  I love how they have half order, so you don't feel like stuffing yourself and having to roll yourself out of the place.  This is actually smaller than it looks.  The pasta is fresh, you can taste that they homemade that, and definitely can taste the egg, but the pasta connoisseur at our table gave it a B-/C for the pasta.  Not al dente or spectacular, but not too shabby either.  I tend to agree.
 This is a cold ratatouille, it's like a being served like a cold veggie stew.  It's pretty good for a cold dish, and seeing that I don't like gazpacho, this is way above that.  Personally, I still prefer my food warm, so I'll be sticking to my warm ratatouille.
 This is the Pollo Guido, which is a stuffed chicken with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato, basil, garlic with a white wine sauce.  It's pretty delicious.  And being shared amongst the four ladies, that was perfect amount of food.
Of course, I can't say no to dessert, even though I don't need it.  I got the affagato, since I was ordering coffee anyway.  They just pour a shot of espresso on top of 2 scoop of vanilla gelato.  Pretty yummy, not as strong as I'd thought it'd be like they do at Paciuco.

Overall, the place is intimate but has plenty patio space.  Parking is also not too much of a concern, the parking at the back of the building and nearby buildings as they're closed for business was perfect if you don't want to park in front.  Even the side street on Bammel is friendly for parking.  

Our server was friendly and patient, she explained the menu and answered our questions.  We do feel bad for the patrons nearby as four moms sat there and exchange war stories and laughing up a storm.  Well, for sure we were the funnest people there that night.  Go early, as they do not take reservation.

Giacomo's Cibo e Vino
3215 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 

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