Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tiny Boxwood

Always enjoy a quiet breakfast at Tiny's.  At the original location, you see alot of business folks wheelin' and dealin'.
I'm here for the coffee and the food.  I got the mocha, which was not too sweet.  Note that in place of soy milk, they have almond milk.  That worked out just fine.  
I'm always torn when I come here, I liked their Migas and their Mother's Breakfast, but alas, I can only get one, and I went with the Migas.  Even though it looked like a pile of tortilla chips, there's eggs, sausage, potato, peppers, and hot sauce underneath.  I basically couldn't finish the whole thing, which was a noble goal.  However, I did get to slowly enjoy my coffee, which is more than I can say alot of days.

I love sitting at the bar, you get quicker service and the folks come to talk to you.  It's fun to be there.

Tiny Boxwoods
3614 W. Alabama St
at Saint Street
Houston, TX 77027

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