Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Decided to stop by West Ave for breakfast.
Must confess that I haven't been here over a year.  Not by design, just haven't made it over here.
I love their juice and coffee are super fresh.  They definitely moved stuff around.
Ended up getting their French Toast because they stopped doing the crepe.  It's a pretty standard French Toast, nothing bad but nothing spectacular either.
I did appreciate that the fruit plate is very tropical and something you would find in South Asian cuisine, you don't get to have mango at a standard restaurant, just not in their repertoire.  

I was pretty bummed about not having the crepe.  They're the only place in town that uses rice flour to make the crepe batter that has the consistency of the normal crepe.  That said, I happened to venture upstairs to the Bake Lab, kinda regretting not going upstairs first.  They have a cafe feel, where you can order your pastry, grab a cup of coffee, sit with a laptop and just chill out.  Definitely more casual than downstairs.

2800 Kirby Dr
Ste B 132
Houston, TX 77098

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