Monday, June 27, 2016

Melange Creperie - Conservatory

Last time we visited Melange was at H.E.B.  This time we went downtown to see them.
I remember when the Conservatory was Mercury Club.  Back in the late 90s, we would go down the stairs to listen to live band and Swing Dance.  Now, they took advantage of the space and offer 60 types of beers on tap and 4 different kinds of eatery in a nice underground garden setting.
Glad to see Melange set up shop here.
 They offer a few more things than the good ole' days of the cart.  But he still have a few classics.  On top of that, they also offer pretzel bites with mustard beer dip, which goes perfectly with the beer on tap.  They have coffee, cakes, and even offer mini crepes.  The mini crepes I have to warn you, is that they have to come in a flight of 4, because it's made from one big one, cut into 4s, so you can't just get a small one.
 The day I went, they didn't have bananas, it was left in the kitchen which was super warm, which practically cooked them.  So, no Patty Special.  But, they have strawberries, I will take what I can get.

I will say this, I miss the creativity that Buffalo Shawn brings to the crepe.  He would get something from farmers market or wherever, and create something awesome on the spot.  If you like some ingredients you see, but it's not on the menu board, he doesn't mind mixing them together to make a customer happy, plus he gets to create something fun.  I do miss that. 

Quality-wise, they did learn from Shawn so I know the quality is good, just like the one located at H.E.B.  But I do miss Shawn's friendly banter for sure.

Melange Creperie at Conservatory
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