Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Goode Co.

Was dying for some barbecue, actually, I was hoping for some cobbler, and typically they have it at a barbecue place, except this bet was not it.  That said, I had good food in return, that sorta made up for it.
For barbecue in town, best go to Goode Company.
Granted, they don't have lines out the door like Killen's, but for the convenience, this is pretty darn close.
Got a meal, and it was $15 with my stuffed potato, drink and tax.
Closer look, it was pretty much potato all the way without sour cream.  And thank god for that, they literally put down a slab of butter.  Not just a bit, it was maybe 1/4 of a stick of butter there.  Then cheese, chives, and chopped beef.  We cannot skip the bbq sauce, because that's the whole reason for coming.  

It was not as messy as I am usually with stuffed potato, and the beef was nice and tender, not dried at all.  It was smoked and you can taste the difference.  Of course, if you put their bbq sauce on anything, I'll lick it all up.  I was so stuffed (haha get it?!) that I had to skip dessert and good plan that was.

The shopping center matches the kitsch, it has a Country Outfitter, a Boot Company and BBQ, you can get all your cowboy/cowgirl needs all at one place.  The place looked real fancy on the outside by the door and the awning, but don't let it fool you, there's a line and it's seating yourself.  Though, you may be enjoying your meal with a stuffed buffalo or some rhinestone cowboy gear, but it's definitely not as open and super casual like the Kirby location.

Goode Co.
Katy Freeway
8911 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 

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