Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Mom wanted some noodles, and we were heading towards I-10 and Bunker Hill, figured we'd stop at H-Mart.
We like going there, there's always good food and at least 5-6 vendors to choose from, and it's all at a reasonable price.
 I got the Ome Rice, which is inspired by Japanese's Omurice.  Basically, it's omelet over rice.  The rice is fried rice with ham.  Separately, they cook this thin omelet, supposed to be as smooth as possible, and then put the fried rice in the middle and wrap it around.  Of course, their schtick is the ketchup mix, so it's decorated as such.  
You can see the fried rice up close, and how thin the omelet is.  What else I like about Korean dishes is that they give you those side dishes.  It has kimchi, picked turnip, spiced fish cake (which is not really spicy), and chilled cooked sprout.  It's nice because this dish is on the heavier side and you can add the veggies in the mix to balance things out.  They even give you miso soup.  The entire tray was less than $8, well worth the price.

inside H-Mart
1302 Black Rd
Houston, TX 77055

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