Thursday, January 24, 2013

Corner Table

I had read about Corner Table from Eater-Houston.  By Bruce Molzan, formerly Ruggles famed chef.
The space is kinda unique, they took over the Brownstone space near West Ave.  And their schtick is that they do are for the Paleo eaters in the area... so we thought we'd give it a try.
The space is definitely hip and upscale.  But from talking to the GM, they do plan on having a more casual lunch.  Brownstone was a huge space, so it may be a little dis-oriented trying to find the front door.
We got the Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Bolognese.  This is a Paleo dish, but funny thing was that they gave us 3 slices of normal bread... hmm... don't think that's kosher for Paleo eaters... 

The funny thing was that the front of the house all understood that, but the kitchen was not paying attention.  It's like they are not paying attention how paleo doesn't do bread.  They were carrying out the dish as is.  But like I said, front of the house from GM to the server, all are educated about paleo style of eating, which I can appreciate that.
We also ordered a Potato Pizza, and obviously they have gluten free dough.  Arugalah on top of the pizza, but it has mozzarella and bacon.  It's taste very smokey, you can tell this flat bread was in a stone oven of some sort.
To top of the night, we shared a creme brulee.  Which is totally kosher... it has a nice crack on top, and the creme part is very vanilla tasty!

Every one was very friendly, and educated enough about the paleo eating lifestyles.  The menu portion is not as big as we had hoped, but I can appreciate them making an effort.  Since alot more restaurants are doing gluten free dishes, going that extra step to make it paleo is refreshing.

The space is shi-shi, and for dinner you do feel like it's more of an upscale experience.  But if they lunch is more casual, I'm more incline to bring friends to go try it together.

Corner Table
2736 Virginia Street
Houston, TX 77098

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