Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Phamily Bites

If you ever if a hankering for food truck gourmet, one way to catch them is to go to Rice University...
Yes, I said Rice University.  They have a mobile food dining option added to the campus.  Now, it's not exactly easy to find, but follow the map on the Rice's website, it'll get you there.  They have different food truck every night, and it's between 5:30p thru 8p.  Perfect for picking up your dinner on your way home.
Tonight, I went for Phamily Bites.  I just love their logo... so clever, and yes I'm a nerd.
I MUST have their RoyBeezee, which is their spam and egg masubi.  Had I found out about the 2 Hawaiian places in town before they closed, I wouldn't have to jones for a masubi and track down the food truck on twitter like crazy.
I got the pho tai - beef round with vermicelli to go.  The soup is pretty awesome.  The guys took really good care of me, since I had it togo, they gave me the noodles and soup separated so they won't be sloushing around in my car.  Still tastes good.

Rice Mobile Dining Options 
to see food truck schedule:
5:30pm - 8pm
outside of Mudd Building by entrance #21 on Sunset Blvd.

Phamily Bites
follow them on Facebook & Twitter to track their schedule

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