Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pei Wei

So, yesterday we showed you what we ate at P.F.Chang's, and today, we're showing you the sister restaurant, Pei Wei.
The good thing is that since PF Chang offers Gluten Free menu, so does Pei Wei, and they allow more customization a little more than PF.
Since it's been cold, it's nice to get some hot tea.  They don't have the green or the jasmine tea, but they have Revolution tea box to select different flavors.
Sweet and Sour Chicken (gluten free), we asked them to do less rice and added more veggie, so here's what we have.  Lots more veggie, like I said, they allow more customization than PF.  So cool!

You can order by phone or online, and online allow some customization, so if you want more, you may want to call it in yourself.

Pei Wei
5110 Buffalo Speedway
Ste 100
Houston, TX 77005

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