Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My friend and I decided that it's long over due for a meet up and we both were craving pasta, so to Maggiano's we go!
I always liked the decor in the place, make you feel like you're in a steak house but casual and good food.
We started with Fried Mozzarella, it's huge not as I had in mind, I was thinking mozzarella stick but the marinara sauce is addictive.
I ordered the Lobster pasta, as you can see the portion is huge, I ended up taking most of that home.

A note about their gluten free offering.  I mentioned to the server that I'm interested in having gluten free dishes, he immediately go to the back and get the chef to come an speak with me.  Basically, he asked me what I had in mind for selection and let me know if it can be done or not.  That was a nice touch.

Their pasta is with corn pasta, so that's why it's gluten free.  While it's hot, I cannot tell the difference and the sauce is superb.  They also have a $12.95 pasta menu.  You pick one while you're eating there, and another one to take home.  And aside from Lasagna that they cannot make gluten free, all the other pasta does have a GF version.  I will say that the take home pasta, you can definitely tell it's very corn-y.  But like I said, eat them hot!

2019 Post Oak Blvd
Houston , TX 77056-4401
they do curb side take out

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