Thursday, January 10, 2013

HK Cafe

Since Hong Kong was in such heavy influence from the Brits, one thing they for sure picked up is Afternoon tea.  Truly it's really a break with food than a full sit down high tea service.  We went to Hong Kong Cafe in Chinatown and did a HK style tea.

This is 'French Toast', a true HK style French Toast, they have peanut butter in the middle of the sandwich, and battered like you see here, and fried.  You get butter on top to melt it, and drizzle syrup all over for best taste.  I've seen people do condensed milk to achieve the same sweetness.  I'm thinking that might be a bit thick and rich.

Here, at Hong Kong Cafe, they give you a drink, which I got a iced lemon tea.  Very different than iced tea with slices of lemon.  They have syrup in the drink already to make it sweetened.  They also give you a fried chicken wing along with it.  By the time I finished the French Toast I couldn't eat more, but for less than $7 you get all that, it's a great deal!

Hong Kong Cafe
9108 Bellaire Boulevard  
Houston, TX 77479
(713) 772-9633

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