Tuesday, January 15, 2013


A few days back, one of my foodie friends on FB posted a picture of a bowl of ramen, and I've been dreaming about it since.  I don't drive down to the Heights as often as I like anymore, but after that picture, I have to go back to Soma for it.  
When I go there, I'd like to sit at the sushi bar.  First of all, if you don't have company, sitting at the bar is a less awkward way to eat alone.  The other is that you get to interact w/ the sushi chefs.  You can the front row seats to see their handy work, which is kinda like a dinner and a show together.  The other good thing is that you never know who's going to sit next to you.  For me, that day, came a mother/daughter team that has never had much exposure to Japanese food before, and they were eyeing my food, and we had a good conversation about what is what, such as sashimi vs. nigiri, and what's ramen at Soma vs. ramen at the grocery store.
I started out with gyoza, which was pan fried and has pork and veggie inside.  The skin was nice and thin, and the sauce just match everything just fine.
Then I had the pork belly ramen.  Now, seriously, this is totally nothing like the $1 ramen noodles packs you get at the grocery store.  This is high quality egg noodles with miso soup.  It has slow cooked pork belly little veggie, shiitake mushroom and an egg.  To my surprise, the noodle was super flavorful, but the pork must've been cooked separately because there's hardly any taste that matches the noodle and the soup.  

I always had good experienced at Soma, the service was good and lunch was good.  So no complaint here.  The only thing was the pork...

Soma Sushi
4820 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

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