Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jenni's Noodles

 I'm on a hot noodle soup kick, so Jenni's Noodle has to be a must!  They very much has all the Vietnamese style noodles, but they have egg noodles and ramen noodles too.  I ordered normal pho, but asked for beef cooked on the grill instead of normal.  Normally, they have the soup hot enough to cook the raw beef, but you can request them to grill it first.  Keep in mind, they're not supposed to be marinated, so it's just really cooked with no special taste.

Jenni's Noodles also have a gluten free and a vegan menu too, so when you walk in, ask to see those menues, they're by the register.  Their dessert is ok, would save the calories for elsewhere.  But they have Vietnamese style coffee, and they give you a big generous cup of it.  So, definitely worth the price!

Jenni's Noodles
3111 Shepherd @ W.Alabama
Houston, TX 77098

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