Friday, January 4, 2013


Friend of mine was kind enough to remember me while she was in NY.
She stopped in Laduree of course, to pick up some macarons!!!  Squee!
She got me a designer box, so very chic!
It had 6, I can't wait and ate one... That was the chocolate one.

Also in the box: Apple, Salted Caramel (super yummy), Coconut, Vanilla, Lime.  What's so impressive is that after a week, it is still fresh.  The shell didn't break and it's nice and chewy.  That's just goes to proof that there are great deal of skills in making these delicate little gems.  Applause goes to the crew.  Now, just if they would have lasted longer before I devour all of them in one sitting....

864 Madison Ave
between 70th & 71st
New York, NY 10021

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