Monday, July 6, 2015

Bite Macaron

It was so hot, we stopped into Bite Macarons for a bit of snack.
I forgot the tart's name, but it has 3 Croquembouche cream puff, covered with honey already.  And they have whip cream on top.  On the tart is a vanilla pudding type filling.  The puff itself is actually harden with the honey covered it all the way.  So, when you bite into it, it's like creme brulee when you first crack the sugar.  The tart crust however, it's more like a harden sugar cookie.  It's definitely do the job of holding what's on top, but in terms of taste and toughness, it's not my favorite there.
This is like a green tea (matcha) frappe.  It's truly green tea, where it's not sweeten at all.  The frappe part, didn't enhance the drink.  I would've been happy with a green tea over ice.  It also took a long time to make, I almost finished my tart before it came out.  And mind you, under the hot sun, I was really there for the drink more than the sweet.  Sadly, left disappointed on both.  I think I'll stick with macarons and coffee from here on out.

Bite Macaron
5172-B Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX 77005

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