Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fluff Bake Bar

I went to Fluff Bake Bar for a birthday celebration for Philip Speer from Austin.
When you know about these popup sells, you should go as early as possible because the good stuff do sell out fast.
Cute little shop in Midtown.  Perfect walking distance for the residence in the area.
I was able to score some macarons.... yum!
This is birthday cake, very festive.  Very much like a birthday cake, except not in a slice.
Guava, which is very yummy and more taste than any other guava I've tasted.... what kind of magic they use to make them so delicious?!?!?!
Pandan, which is very hard to do well, but they managed to do it deliciously.  It doesn't taste like the fake, artificial pandan flavors.  I know, I've tried and doesn't achieve the real thing feel.
I forgot which flavor this was... but it was yummy!

What I love about their macs is that it's fresh and doesn't break up easily.  That is usually a sign that the macs been frozen or been sitting too long.  They definitely took great care of the food.  Mac is not the only thing they sell.  They have cakes, cup-cakes, cinnamon roles and cookies and more.

Fluff Bake Bar
314 Gray Street
Houston, TX 77002

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