Wednesday, July 29, 2015

McHugh's Tea

My mom wanted to come here, so we stopped by...
Got a pot of tea to start.
We got the white tea, and it was light and refreshing for a hot summer day.
I got a lunch set, which came with Quiche Lorraine, the crust is super awesome.  Very buttery and delicious.  It came with a small cup of soup, I got the vegetable soup, and a side of fruit.  For lunch, that is actually plenty.  You can tell that the quiche and soup are homemade and no fakes about them.  Turns out, the mother/daughter team split up the mother in the back of the house and the daughter runs the front of the house.  The mother actually host cooking classes at the shop too.  

We just wanted to grab a quick bite but they were asking if we have a reservation.... Hmm. Well, once you walked in you will know why, they are very popular with the shower parties in their private room, a big party for another shower in the back dining area, and there are 4 bar seats, and the tables aren't big there.  If you just walk up, don't expect to get any afternoon tea, because they do require reservations for that.  You can get salad, sandwiches, quiche & soup, baked goods.  They do have a gluten free scones.  The place is quaint, they took up alot of space for tea and gifts, so it looks crowded when it is already tight in space.

McHugh's Tea
5305 Bissonet
Suite D
Bellaire, TX 77401

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