Monday, July 20, 2015


We drove by the old Sorrel, and it's now Bollo Pizza
Figured we'd give that a try.  The first time we went to try for dinner time, it was packed to a waiting line out the door.  The second time we tried, we went during off peak hours, an hour before dinner rush, and it worked out perfectly.
Got an Arnold Palmer, and the server was nice enough to keep an eye for refilling it for me.
We got the Margherita, which we understood to have mozzarella and tomato, but didn't realize the proportion is so off... there were exactly the 4 slices of tomato you see here, none where hidden underneath the mozzarella.  Also, typically, since they have the mozzarella, which here they have 2 types in the pizza, they don't add the bottom layer, but they did here... so it really felt like would you like some pizza with your cheese than the other way around.
Then we got the Carne Trio, as stated there are 3 meats.  Pepperoni, Sicilian Sausage, and proscuitto with mozzarella cheese.  That proportion here is much better.  But since I got super cheesey from the previous pizza that I was kinda cheesed out.

  As gluten free pizza goes, that works because I liked thin crust.  But I think the amount of cheese pretty much give any lactose intolerant person a run for their money.

They pretty much kept much of the old Sorrel's layout, but built out the bar to be more robust and more seatings outside than before.  They kept the screen at the front desk where the hostess station is, that was interesting.  Our server was wonderful.  When you get your check, tell your server that you'll be paying by credit card, and he will whip out his little their smart device and check you out on the spot.  

Bollo Woodfire Pizza
2202A W. Alabama St
HOuston, TX 77098

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